Sleeping Positions Matter!

Sleeping Positions Matter!

I treat a lot of people that after waking up can not move their neck.  Or in more chronic conditions, people sleep in a certain position, for example on their stomach, causing a strain on joints and imbalance to the muscles leaving them with chronic pain.

Best Positions are:

1. Side sleeping: Make sure you have a pillow between your legs to straighten out your hips and not put pressure on your knees, and use a pillow is on the thinner end so it is putting your cervical spine in a neutral position.  I have found the "Butterfly Pillow" to be beneficial.

2. Sleeping on your back: If you have low back pain you can place a pillow under your knees to relieve pressure, and again you can use the same pillow as above to keep your spine in a neutral position.

Stomach sleepers, I know it is hard, but this will lead to chronic pain if you don't experience this already.

You will have a better night sleep, and notice increase energy through out the day.

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Pain Timing

Pain Timing

Knowing the time of the day you are feeling the pain the worst is very important.

Morning Pain:

If you wake up in the morning and feel pain which gets better through out the day, in the most general way things are not moving properly and this stagnation occurs in your muscles/joints causing pain. Stretching and doing cardio-vascular exercises will be very beneficial to keep the blood and fluids moving in your body.

You might want to consider cutting back on foods that create a damp environment in your body like dairy, sugar and alcohol as this can cause blockages in your body and decrease the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles.

Night Pain:

Pain that is worst at the end of the day is more of a deficient type of pain and you might want to consider doing strengthening exercises and eating a more balanced, nutritious diet, with blood building nutrients like beets, dark leafy greens and red meat. Take a look at your water intake as well and make sure you are consuming a proper amount of water per day.

Side note; drinking a whole bottle of water in one sitting is not as nourishing as sipping your water through out the day. Give your body the chance to absorb it.

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